Author John Andes Signs With Multiple Publishers

John Andes, author of gritty and aggressive crime fiction, has emerged from the self-publishing market. Four of his novels are now published by established enterprises;  Matryoshka and Street Cleaners by Mirador Publishing, Question Everything…Then Dig Deeper by Green Ivy Books, and Adventures in House Sitting by World Castle Publishing. In addition, John has signed a contract with Dori Marie and Associates Literary Agency to represent his work. All on his work is available from the respective publishers, as well as For more information, visit John’s website


New Alliance


Clarity Creative Media, LLC. (CCM) is proud to announce our new alliance with Paramarketing Group, Inc. The Paramarketing Group is an aerial advertising and branding company that utilizes powered paragliders (PPG’s) as, what we consider, the most effective aerial platform for brand identity and awareness. By utilizing PPG’s and a network of volunteer pilots, the Paramarketing Group has made aerial advertising and branding within the fiscal reach of small to mid-sized companies. Traditional aerial advertising and branding campaigns that use general aviation aircraft and banners are cost prohibitive to smaller companies with costs that can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Co-Founded by the Managing Directors of CCM, the Paramarketing Group can put together an effective aerial campaign at a cost of less than $10,000. To our knowledge, Clarity Creative Media is the first and only web development company in the United States to offer aerial branding to its clients as part of an overall marketing strategy. For more information about the programs offered by the Paramarketing Group, Inc., please visit their website.

Never Quit

Clarity Creative Media’s Founder, John Rodgers is chosen to be one of the Never Quit Competition Eagle Pilots. Other Eagle Pilots include Alberto Monteiro, Ernest Ely and Noah Chaparro.

Never Quit is a Not-for-Profit organization that educates the community on how to avoid Brain Bleeds, Strokes, Hypertension and Heart Disease through healthy life choices and encourages everyone to take on a NEVER QUIT attitude and live life to the fullest. Throughout the year the organization holds events in various cities. The events include 5K, 10K, 1 Mile and “Virtual Runs”. In addition, there are the “TRIDENT Solo & Relay” and “Battle for the Beach” competitions, the “Warrior Challenge”, “Jr. Warrior Challenge” and 1 Mile Fun Run. This years participating cities include Jacksonville, Clearwater and Orlando FL. In addition, Never Quit is bringing its friendly competition to our troops serving in Afghanistan with events being held at Bagram, AFB and multiple forward operating bases. The recent event held in Jacksonville has been deemed (unofficially) “The World’s Largest Beach Run” with over 7,000 participants.

The 5 Never Quit Principles:

1. Healthy Living
2. Family & Honoring Women
3. American Values
4. Support Our Armed Forces, it’s Veterans and the Constitution
5. Commit to a NEVER QUIT Attitude

For further information visit: or

Clarity Creative Media Adds New Partner

We are proud to announce that Walter Fiedler has joined our firm a Partner. Walter brings to our company over 15 years experience as a Graphic Designer for both print and digital medias.

Walter is a U.S. Army Veteran with 4.5 years of service in leading a Fire Support Team. During his time in the Army Walter demonstrated his leadership abilities serving as the Equal Opportunities and Race Relations NCO for his platoon and the German/ American “Kontakt” Representative for his battalion.

After leaving the service, he returned to Florida to attend college and worked for his family’s printing business where he quickly became the Director of Operations. After many years with the family business He left to pursue interests in the Real Estate Industry where he became very successful, owning and restoring historic properties throughout Eastern Europe.

In 2009 it became impossible to obtain financing for further projects and He decided to return to school to become a web developer and continued his training in the area of digital design. Walter is an Adobe Certified Associate (ACE) in Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6, InDesign and Dreamweaver.

When not working, Walter can be found gardening, restoring his classic cars or planning his next travel experience.

SE0 (Search Engine Optimization) – SHOULD YOU HIRE A SPECIALIST?

It is the desire of every business owner, organization or person that has a website to be highly ranked or prominent on search engine browser results, preferably on the first page. In the United States the top three search engines are Google with a 67% market share, Bing with an 18% market share followed by Yahoo with an 11% market share for a total of 96% of all Internet searches performed by these “Big Three”. Each of these companies has their own way of ranking websites and the algorithms they utilize for their rankings changes on a constant basis with each algorithm looking at hundreds of variables on each site. With these facts in mind how does one accomplish the lofty goal of being on the first page of a browser?

To put things into perspective on how competitive rankings are we’ll give you an example. Our company, Clarity Creative Media, is primarily in the business of web development and web design. If a person or business is looking for a web developer and they type the phrase “web developer” in Google they would have over 588,000,000 choices presented to them in less than a second. To narrow the search down further, if they typed in the phrase “web developer Tampa Bay” they would be presented with 274,000 choices in less than a second. Now we’re not betting men, but we can say with absolute certainty that there are not 274,000 web developers in the Tampa Bay area. How does a prospective customer or client choose and more importantly how many pages will they go through before making a decision? Personally, if we don’t find what we’re looking for within the first 5 pages of a search we will change our search criteria and the phrases we utilize. That is what most of your prospective customers or clients do as well.

This is where some form of search engine optimization or “SEO” comes into play and must be utilized by you the business owner, or your web developer/ designer. There are several methods that can be utilized by you or your web developer to increase your exposure with little or no cost involved and without bringing in a professional SEO Specialist.

  1. Content. There is a saying in the web development community that “content is king”. The most important component of SEO is good, relevant content as it relates to what your prospective customers are looking for. It should be well written, to the point and informative.
  1. Clean Code. Web developers that do not stay current with industry standards will write sub-standard code that can be misinterpreted or ignored by search engines/ browsers.
  1. The use of Alt Tags for photos. An Alt Tag is a snippet of code within a webpage that cannot be seen. It describes any photos or images within your website. A search engine does not know what the image is unless it is told with the use of an Alt Tag.
  1. Social Media. More and more search engines/ browsers will look to social media for a websites relevance or following. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, a blog, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few, will keep your clients and prospective clients aware of developments within your company and gives them an opportunity to interact with you making their experience a little more personal. One word of caution, if you begin a social media campaign or presence keep the content fresh and current. For SEO purposes NO CONTENT IS BETTER THAN STALE CONTENT. Before beginning a social media campaign really think about how much time you will have to devote to it. To give you an example, we at Clarity Creative Media refuse to be slaves to our phones and as such purposely decided not to start a Twitter account. Be selective when deciding on which social media platforms you wish to participate in.
  1. Design your website to be Responsive. Responsive Web Design has been popular now for about 4 years now and allows your website to be used by any type of device be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or smartphone. The design is dynamic in nature and is user friendly and easy to navigate no matter what the screen size. Over half of all web searches are now performed by a mobile device while approximately 20% of all website are Responsive. By having a Responsive website from the beginning gives you a competitive edge over most of your competition.
  1. Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. Google AdWords is an online service that will place a brief description of your business in the form of an advertisement with a direct link to your website on Google’s browser. Placement of such ads are placed at the top or bottom of, or beside the list of results Google displays for a particular search query. The choice and placement of your ad is determined in part on a proprietary algorithm based on the relevance of the search query to your advertising copy. Google AdWords costs money and as a result has become Google’s main source of revenue generating $42.5 billion U.S. Dollars in 2012. Results are not guaranteed and vary greatly in degrees of success. We personally do not use or recommend such a strategy to attract visitors to your website, however some companies have had tremendous success with AdWords.

When is it time to bring in a SEO expert? The first question you have to ask yourself is being ranked highly on search engines/ browsers important to the success of your business? What other types of marketing strategies do you, or could you implement to increase your business? For our business, Clarity Creative Media, SEO is not an important factor for us. We generate new business through referrals and being active in the business community. If your business is reliant on heavy traffic to your website, such as an Ecommerce business, then you should seriously consider hiring a vetted specialist in SEO. Many Web Developers and Web Designers will claim to have expertise in SEO but it has evolved into a specialty/ industry of its own requiring specialists to devote 100% of their time, energy and research to producing tangible and accountable results for their clients. It is estimated that by the year 2016 SEO (search engine optimization) will be a $2.2 billion U.S. Dollar industry.


If you are undecided or have decided to engage an SEO Specialist here are some questions to ask”

  1. Can I have a list of current and past clients? Any reputable SEO professional will be happy to provide such information. If the SEO Specialist refuses or hesitates do not even consider using them. If a list is provided contact their client’s and get a feel for what their results have been and how it is working with the SEO Specialist.
  1. Can you guarantee my website will be number 1 on Google, Bing or Yahoo? If the Specialist you’re interviewing says “yes” turn around and leave immediately or if you’re interviewing on the phone, immediately hang up. No one can make such a claim. SEO is not a quick ploy, but a well planned marketing campaign that gets your rankings moving in the right direction. Results take time, and with time and the right strategy you may eventually end up being ranked number one.
  2. What is your experience at improving local search results? Being in the top local search engine results is especially important to small mom and pop businesses trying to attract nearby customers. You want to make sure that the SEO Specialist you deal with has expertise in local SEO techniques. This means that when someone nearby is searching for keywords that are relevant to your business your website should appear in the top search results. There are various methods of achieving this result including getting your site listed on Bing, Google and Yahoo’s local listings, which are online directories of businesses that cater to a specific geographic region.
  1. How will you improve my search engine rankings? Be leery of SEO Specialists that will not openly discuss their methods. They should explain the strategies they will employ to improve your website’s search engine ranking as well as estimate how long it could take to achieve the SEO campaign goals you both agree on.
  1. Will you share with my web developer or me all the changes you make to my website? Search engine optimization will most likely require a number of changes to your existing web pages coding. It’s important for you or your developer to know what changes the Specialist plans to make and on how many web pages.
  1. How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns? To gauge the success of an SEO campaign the Specialist must track exactly how much traffic is being sent to your website and where it is coming from. The Specialist should be experienced in using analytic software to track improvement in you site’s rankings, the number of links from other websites driving traffic to yours, the keywords used by searchers to find your website and much more. The Specialist should provide this information to you on a regular basis in a tangible, printed format and explain the results to you and what the results mean.
  1. How will we communicate and how often? Web Developers and SEO Specialists communication styles and customer service practices vary with clients. You should find a Specialist whose approach best suits your needs. Ask if the Specialist prefers to talk in person or via phone, Skype, texting or email. Find out how often he or she will communicate with you with status updates and make sure they honor that commitment. You don’t want to be put in a position of constantly trying to chase them down.
  1. What are your fees and payment terms? Let’s be clear, good SEO Specialists are not cheap. Fees can range from $100’s of Dollars per month to $1,000’s of Dollars per month. Determine how the Specialist gets paid whether hourly, by retainer or by project. Project-based payments are the most common in the SEO industry and can vary widely in cost, depending on a project’s size and complexity. Most contract projects range between $1,000 and $8,000.

Given that search engines/ browsers are continually changing their algorithms that determine a site’s ranking we recommend working with a Specialist that charges a retainer or by the hour. By working with a Specialist that charges in this manner the code utilized to increase your website’s rank is always changing and up to date. Most common retainer fees range from $250 to $500 per month on the lower end and from $2,500 to $5,000 per month on the higher end. Most hourly rates range from $75 to $200 per hour. Because of their general lack of complexity, Specialists who specifically serve small businesses often charge on the lower end of the price ranges for both retainer based and hourly-based fees.

If you decide to work with an SEO Specialist ask your Web Developer/ Designer if they can recommend someone to you. We here at Clarity Creative Media, LLC have spent the time and energy searching for a results oriented SEO Specialist that suits our client’s needs and is reasonably priced. Before making any decision on whom to work with we highly recommend you speak with either Peter Casazza or Lou Dommer of SBTS Digital Media based in Virginia Beach, VA. Two of the websites we’re working on use SBTS with tremendous results.

To give you a practical example of the results Peter and Lou can produce, go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and type the phrase “miss Virginia” but before you do, think what the search results might be? I assure you that no matter what area of the country you live in on the first page of each of these browsers you will find Miss Virginia Deep Sea Fishing located in Port Richey, FL. Now ask yourself if you live outside the State of Florida, how does this happen? It’s done through the SEO techniques utilized by SBTS. If you look at the website it is antiquated at best. We here at Clarity Creative Media are in the process of redesigning and updating the site, which will, in conjunction with SBTS Digital Media’s expertise further increase the websites ranking. Peter and Lou can be contacted through their website or you can call them at 757-623-3010. They’re great guys to work with and produce results.

Till Next Time,

John & Jeremy

Does Your Company Project a Good First Impression?

You only have one shot at a “first impression” and more often than not, first impressions are lasting impressions in the minds of prospective customers or clients. No matter the business type, be it a restaurant, professional services, manufacturing or retail, when a customer or client enters your place of business what is their first impression? Is it clean, well organized, properly staffed, inviting, comfortable and well decorated or is it dirty, cluttered, staffed with rude employees, uninviting and decorated with items that were in style in the 1970’s? Now ask yourself which business in these scenarios would you be more likely to do business with?

The same decision making process of prospective customers and clients occurs when they look at your company’s website, and believe me they will look. Today’s consumer has more information available to them when making a purchasing decision than any other time in history. This increase in available information is due primarily to the Internet. Hundreds of studies have proven that when making a major purchase decision, the use of the Internet was the major influencing factor on where the consumer spent his or her money. Many consumers will not even do business with a company that does not have some type of web presence. With these facts in mind, how does your company’s website stack up against your competition?

As a business owner you have to stay current with your industry trends, make upgrades in equipment or inventory, improve/ update employee training and give your customers the goods and services they need today not what they needed or wanted five years ago. Your website is no different. It needs to be updated from time to time in order for you to gain or regain exposure and brand awareness. A website that worked even as little as two years ago may be considered outdated or antiquated by today’s standards.

The quickest way for you to tell if your website is outdated is to go to it using a smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. How does it look, do you have to use your fingers to expand the screen just to read it? If you do, your website is outdated. Over half of all website searches are performed by these devices and if your website is not readable or easily navigated using them your competition may have a distinct advantage over you.

In order for your website to work properly and be user-friendly on these smaller devices it needs to be “responsive”. Responsive design has been in existence for about 3 years however less than 20% of all websites on the Internet today have taken advantage of this new design technique. By having a “responsive facelift” with easy navigation, SEO optimization, quality content and implementing user-interfacing you can greatly increase your website exposure and improve the visitors overall first impression of your company.

At Clarity Creative Media, LLC we are experts in responsive design and would be happy to look at ways to improve your company’s web presence. All consultations are free and regardless if we work together or not, we’re happy to give you suggestions.

Till Next Time,
John & Jeremy