Does Your Company Project a Good First Impression?

You only have one shot at a “first impression” and more often than not, first impressions are lasting impressions in the minds of prospective customers or clients. No matter the business type, be it a restaurant, professional services, manufacturing or retail, when a customer or client enters your place of business what is their first impression? Is it clean, well organized, properly staffed, inviting, comfortable and well decorated or is it dirty, cluttered, staffed with rude employees, uninviting and decorated with items that were in style in the 1970’s? Now ask yourself which business in these scenarios would you be more likely to do business with?

The same decision making process of prospective customers and clients occurs when they look at your company’s website, and believe me they will look. Today’s consumer has more information available to them when making a purchasing decision than any other time in history. This increase in available information is due primarily to the Internet. Hundreds of studies have proven that when making a major purchase decision, the use of the Internet was the major influencing factor on where the consumer spent his or her money. Many consumers will not even do business with a company that does not have some type of web presence. With these facts in mind, how does your company’s website stack up against your competition?

As a business owner you have to stay current with your industry trends, make upgrades in equipment or inventory, improve/ update employee training and give your customers the goods and services they need today not what they needed or wanted five years ago. Your website is no different. It needs to be updated from time to time in order for you to gain or regain exposure and brand awareness. A website that worked even as little as two years ago may be considered outdated or antiquated by today’s standards.

The quickest way for you to tell if your website is outdated is to go to it using a smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. How does it look, do you have to use your fingers to expand the screen just to read it? If you do, your website is outdated. Over half of all website searches are performed by these devices and if your website is not readable or easily navigated using them your competition may have a distinct advantage over you.

In order for your website to work properly and be user-friendly on these smaller devices it needs to be “responsive”. Responsive design has been in existence for about 3 years however less than 20% of all websites on the Internet today have taken advantage of this new design technique. By having a “responsive facelift” with easy navigation, SEO optimization, quality content and implementing user-interfacing you can greatly increase your website exposure and improve the visitors overall first impression of your company.

At Clarity Creative Media, LLC we are experts in responsive design and would be happy to look at ways to improve your company’s web presence. All consultations are free and regardless if we work together or not, we’re happy to give you suggestions.

Till Next Time,
John & Jeremy