Never Quit

Clarity Creative Media’s Founder, John Rodgers is chosen to be one of the Never Quit Competition Eagle Pilots. Other Eagle Pilots include Alberto Monteiro, Ernest Ely and Noah Chaparro.

Never Quit is a Not-for-Profit organization that educates the community on how to avoid Brain Bleeds, Strokes, Hypertension and Heart Disease through healthy life choices and encourages everyone to take on a NEVER QUIT attitude and live life to the fullest. Throughout the year the organization holds events in various cities. The events include 5K, 10K, 1 Mile and “Virtual Runs”. In addition, there are the “TRIDENT Solo & Relay” and “Battle for the Beach” competitions, the “Warrior Challenge”, “Jr. Warrior Challenge” and 1 Mile Fun Run. This years participating cities include Jacksonville, Clearwater and Orlando FL. In addition, Never Quit is bringing its friendly competition to our troops serving in Afghanistan with events being held at Bagram, AFB and multiple forward operating bases. The recent event held in Jacksonville has been deemed (unofficially) “The World’s Largest Beach Run” with over 7,000 participants.

The 5 Never Quit Principles:

1. Healthy Living
2. Family & Honoring Women
3. American Values
4. Support Our Armed Forces, it’s Veterans and the Constitution
5. Commit to a NEVER QUIT Attitude

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