Our Founders

John Rodgers

My name is John Rodgers and I am the Co-Founder and a Web Developer & Designer for Clarity Creative Media.      I have a varied business background spanning over 25 years.  My main professional focus was within the  financial services industry where I have served as a Stockbroker, Regional Sales Manager, Compliance Manager and a Equities Trader.  In 1994 I began consulting in the area of business development and capital formation for  both established organizations and development stage companies.

  I really enjoy working with start-ups and companies in their early stages of development where there is always an atmosphere of enthusiasm, vision, determination for success and hope.  The strategies I’ve utilized for 5 of these smaller companies resulted in over $12,000,000 raised through direct public offerings (DPO’S) for their development and expansion.

With access to equity capital for smaller offerings all but drying up, I decided to study web development & design, a field where I could still be creative helping business owners and not-for-profit companies with my previous experience and newly gained skills to achieve their overall goals.

I have a philosophy in approaching any and all business dealings I’ve had in the past and will have in the future.  That philosophy is basically this:

  •  Any company I perform work for must be ethical and strive to benefit society as a whole.
  • I am not, nor will I ever be, greedy and as such will not align myself with companies or organizations that exploit their employees or customers.
  • Do whatever, ethically, it takes to succeed.
  • Take Pride in your work and feel good about what you are doing.

When I’m not working on projects or studying industry trends I enjoy spending time at home or at the beach with my wife, spending time with our family, flying my powered paraglider, golfing, swimming and cycling.

Jeremy Angulo

Hello, my name is Jeremy Angulo.  I am 32 years old originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I have lived in St. Petersburg, FL since I was 9 years old.  I am engaged to my girlfriend of 12 years and plan to marry as my career progresses.  Before deciding on a career in web development & design I was in the restaurant industry for 11 years and, at one point, was a student in Pinellas Technical Education Center’s St. Petersburg campus Culinary Arts Program.  As time moved on my career as a chef was getting in the way of my personal life to the point where holidays, weekends and almost every evening during the week was taking away time from my family and fiance’.  After much thought  I decided to step away from the restaurant business and seek a career that was more rewarding and challenging.  My younger brother has been a Web Developer for over 10 years and was a major contributing factor in my decision to pursue Web Development & Design as my new career.

After researching a number of different schools, colleges and courses, I decided to attend PTEC’S Web Development & Design program at their Clearwater campus.  Honestly, its been the best decision I could have made for a new start.  The training I received is second to none.  PTEC is on the cutting edge of today’s technology with Instructors that not only teach, but have worked in the field as well.  They were one of the first schools in West and Central Florida to teach Responsive Design, a relatively new process, which is critical in today’s marketplace.  My heart and soul went into my studies and the work required to excel at developing and designing, having spent literally 80-100 hours per week studying over the course of a year.  The feedback I’ve received from my brother with regard to the work that I had done made me feel really good about the choice I had made.  When someone who has been in this career field for over a decade gives you excellent feedback, it lets you know that your work is exceptional giving you the incentive not to stop or slow down, but to keep going as fast as you can to be one of the best.

Getting the proper training and certification was the best way to make my dreams happen.  There are Developers out in the marketplace that will take advantage of their clients by using free templates and website builders.  We call these people web “installers” not Developers and their results are most often less than professional and give the industry a bad name.  Not exactly the way to represent yourself or your scope of work to the world.  That is why I decided to learn and work the hard way to become the best I can be.  Wanting not only to be good, but, eventually, one of the best in the industry.


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