Projects We’re Currently Working On

Jay’s Guns & Gunsmithing

The company. located in Paris, TN, offers handguns, rifles, shotguns and accessories for the hunting enthusiast as well as gunsmith services.  The company has a distinct advantage over its one local competitor in the fact that they are also the only Certified Law Enforcement Armorer which enables them to build rapport with local and neighboring law enforcement agencies throughout rural Northwestern Tennessee.  They offer duty related discounted merchandise and services to law enforcement personnel and the municipalities they serve.

The Landon Korabek Foundation

The Landon Korabek Foundation is a not for profit organization that was founded in remembrance of Landon Korabek who died unexpectedly at the age of 17 in 2010.  His unfortunate death was caused by a prescription overdose by combining Vicodin and Xanax.  In memory of Landon and to continue his legacy, the mission of the foundation is to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse and to foster musical education in the community.

Through the contributions of many generous donors, the Landon Korabek Foundation is able to provide financial support to two organizations in 2012, the Marcia P. Hoffman Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall and Narcotics Overdoes Prevention and Education (NOPE) Task Force of Pinellas County.  These organizations were chosen to provide musical scholarships and to promote education about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

The Historic Preservation and Development of the Manchester Inn and Snider Ford Buildings in Middletown, Ohio

Built in 1922 this historic hotel offers 73 hotel rooms, a grand ballroom with service kitchen, restaurant and bar and several meeting/ conference rooms.  The buildings total square footage is approximately 89,699.  The hotel is situated on 5.34 acres with a lighted parking lot and an additional parking lot between the hotel and 101 N. Main St. which is home to the historic Snider Ford Building.  The Snider Ford Building includes 2 stories built of reinforced concrete and is approximately 32,376 square feet.  The Manchester will be re-developed into a mixed use property while the Snider building will be re-developed into an entertainment complex complete with a micro brewery/ brewpub and a concert venue.

The “Miss Virginia” Site Re-Make

The Miss Virginia is the sister ship of the “Two Georges” of Dolphin Deep Sea Fishing, Inc.  Owned by the same family, the Zuban’s the Miss Virginia operates out of Port Richey, Florida and is considered one of the best fishing charter operations in Pasco County.  The boat is a first class vessel with all the creature comforts needed for an enjoyable 8 hour trip.  Completion date on this project is expected to be the 1st or 2nd week of April.


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