About Us

Clarity Creative Media, LLC  was founded by John Rodgers and Jeremy Angulo, tow recent graduates of the Pinellas Technical Education Center’s Web Development and Design program.  Although we are new to the industry, our combined skill sets are those of Developers with multiple years of experience.

We are a full service communications company capable of meeting all of your marketing and advertising demands.  An exceptional website doesn’t mean anything if it does not captivate the target market and generate results.  Every website we design is developed to convert visitors into customers.  It has been proven that you only have a few seconds once a visitor lands on your website to compel them to stay and read further.  It is our job to design your site so that it is not only appealing to the eye but also contains the relevant information and content the visitor is looking for prominently displayed in the beginning of the site.  This approach will lead the visitor deeper into your site’s content increasing the possibility  of converting them from a visitor to a customer.

We specialize in Responsive Design.  This design process is relatively new and allows users of any type of device such as smartphones, ipads, tablets, etc. to access your website in an attractive and functional format on any screen size.  Responsive Design is crucial in today’s marketplace.  Currently more than half of all internet access and searches come from mobile devices while only approximately 18% of all websites in existence are responsive in design.  By designing a responsive website you immediately have a distinct advantage over most of your competition.

One of our most favorite aspects of our profession is prospective client consultations, which are always free.  We love hearing people’s stories, their hopes, aspirations and vision for their businesses or projects.  After hearing the client’s expectations, we will explain all the various resources and strategies that are available to us and how we can help the client accomplish their goals.  We’re straight shooters, we’ll let you know if we can help you or not.  However, it is our goal for the prospective client to walk away with a better understanding of their needs and their possible options with regards to marketing their company, organization or project.

We feel that being new to the industry actually makes us more competitive.  we are driven to build our own brand and to develop the best reputation for our company possible.  Our goal is to create effective websites for our customers while making their experience with us an enjoyable one by completing their projects in a timely, cost-effective manner.  We have the skills to develop sites that are extremely complex or very simple depending on the needs of our clients.


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