Customer Highlights

For those of you who follow this page, from time to time, we like to highlight some of our clients and the products and services they offer.  This week we suggest taking a look at these two companies:

1.  Dolphin Deep Sea Fishing, who’s flagship boat is the 85 foot “Two Georges”, an icon of the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.  Working with these people has been great.  In gathering information for their website we had the opportunity to go on two fishing trips with them and, although we were working, had a blast both times.  The owners and staff are all great, friendly people and we’re glad to have met them and to have established a friendship with them.  You can find out more information about their fishing charters at

2.  West Coast Sunglasses began as a wholesale provider of sunglasses to merchants and retailers throughout the country but recently began selling their line to the public via their website.  They offer a huge selection of quality sunglasses at incredible prices.  You can view their collection and pricing at

Till next time,

John & Jeremy


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